Sick No More

It turns out that coconut oil, honey and lemon juice is a good remedy for a cold. Next time you are starting to feel under the weather try these three ingredients together and see if you start to feel better.

How to Disable Google Maps Location History

Another reason that we should consider our interaction with Google. There’s just a line between truth, nothing to hide and sharing information with a faceless super drone that’s making me rethink this whole cloud-sourced thing.

How to Get Free Printed Books with Google

Let’s face it, Google is trying to take over the world. With that said, let’s also consider that their approach to indexing the internet can work to our advantage. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A GEEK to be able to use the internet to your advantage. There is an abundance of data out there for the taking. I am not stating that all data is legally posted, but if it’s online, you can generally have access to it one way or another. Google allows for the use of operators in their search. One of my favorites is the “filetype” operator. This the one that we are going to use today to help you find books online. Let’s give it a try. Continue reading How to Get Free Printed Books with Google →

Homemade Lemonade

Here is an easy and tasty lemonade recipe that we’ve been enjoying this past week.

  • 1 cup of organic sugar
  • 6 cups filtered water
  • 1 cup lemon juice

Mix sugar and 2 cups of hot water to make a simple syrup. Once the sugar is mostly dissolved, add an additional 4 cups of cold filtered water. Mix very well for about a minute. Next add the lemon juice and stir again for a minute.  Allow to sit in the fridge for about an hour or add ice and serve immediately.


us-army-logoThis weeks manual of the week is FM_3-22.40_Tactical_Employment_of_Nonlethal_Weapons_(2003)_.

The Simpler Way: A Practical Action Plan for Living More on Less

Have you ever looked for sunglasses that you eventually found on your head, or worse your face? We are killing ourselves trying to find what we already have. We are feeding each other a lie that was created and has us walking in circles. This essay by Samuel Alexander, Ted Trainer and Simon Ussher, from is pure excellence in IMO.

“…working long hours just to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ leaves people with less time for the things that
really matter in life, like friends, family, community, and engaging in peaceful, creative
activity.This is the stuff that makes life worth living, and the interesting
thing is we don’t need to be rich to enjoy it all.”

This could change the way you relate to the world. Check it out!

Military Field Manual of the Week – M16A2 Maintenance

us-army-logoThis week’s Manual of the Week is TM_9-1005-319-23_M16A2_Maintenance__Repair_Manual. This manual is all about the maintenance and repair of the 5.56 M16 A2.

Cleaning the AR-15

Sootch00′s excellent video on the cleaning and dis-assembly of the AR platform.

YouTube Preview Image

Military Field Manual of the Week – M16 Operator Guide

us-army-logoThis week’s Manual of the Week is TM_9-1005-249-10_-_Operators_Manual_For_M16,_M16A1. This is the manual you need if you want the official manual for your AR-15 rifle. Good stuff for all the AR-geeks out there.

Use Window Fans for Home Cooling – wikiHow

This is a great article about house cooling fans alone. This information is especially useful in times of brown out or rather, the potential for a brown out.

Also check out this document, from the department of energy. Stay cool folks.