About Ecolante

Ecolante [e-ko-lan-te] is committed to defending community led education and human freedom. Beginning as a personal project in September of 2009 this organization exist to share knowledge and offer products which promote freedom in the lives of the community. Freedom of education is fundamental to the evolution of ourselves, our communities and our society.

Changing Culture

American culture wants us to buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like. Culture is telling us to ‘buy more, buy now and be happy’ every day. Yet we are experiencing record amounts of stress and anxiety due to financial ruin. People are constantly seeking escape from the “pressures” of our lives. Ecolante is mobilizing to ending this cycle rather than obeying it. We know it takes the villagers to change a village. We are all villagers.


Our educational freedom is being attacked by poorly executed governments. We have allowed our governments to become corporate organizations of self interest. Our education system has become an institutionalized commodity of greed and capitalism. Common Core is teaching our youth what to think rather than how to think, creating drones not productive citizens. We must take this back… we are taking this back.

Our Vision

We envision neighborhoods that grow their own food, educate each other, share widely and are ready to defend themselves against any entity that threatens these freedoms.

Our Commitment

We will change the world starting at home in our own communities.  Ecolante commits to being a partner in social change. We are your partner in building powerful communities through the sharing of resources, educating each other and eliminating stereotypes that poison us. Through knowledge we will destroy the enslaving mindsets that we have allowed and rebuild one day at a time.

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