Are We Afraid to Not be Distracted?

Are we afraid to be alone with ourselves? Are we afraid of our own thoughts? Wicked and broken, sad and longing, perhaps hopeful? Why is it that we so desperately need to be distracted with movies and shows, apps and games and sometimes even other people? I have not watched TV in three days. Actually the television has been off in our home for that long (with the exception of a video game today) and it has allowed such clarity. The best analogy I can come up with is the difference between a great night sleep and a hangover. Much like my mind opened up last Spring when I began learning how to build with wood the loss of the TV has engaged my mind. I am free to write and share and think. I would spend hours looking at how other people were doing the things that I wanted to do rather than do the things that I wanted to do. Youtube video after video. I lived in a world of what if and just in case and I need to be sure. I was not willing to take many risks. I was enslaved. Today we moved the TV from our living room to the playroom. It will now serve for the occasional movie and game center (Nintendo Wii). I now have a book case, sound bar, sub-woofer and tablet in my living room. I will be able to listen to Internet music and files from our home network. I no longer have a TV antenna connected to anything. Not sure what I’ll do with that. But what a transition. We as a family went from cable TV, to Internet and streaming movies and an antenna to no TV. Thus far I do not regret any of it.

I have enjoyed stepping out of the comfort zone that was prescribed for me. It’s been enjoyable. I am no longer distracted (well less distracted). The real test is watching for what truly will replace the TV. What will we actually use to replace our time in which we drone out? As I sit on my couch and write this post I begin to yawn. I could crawl up with a good book and probably start to fall off to sleep. In this moment I do not feel as if I need to finish watching anything before I can consider myself “ready” to sleep. I could listen to a podcast or I could read God’s word. I really feel free.