Leadership is a Servant Character Trait

At some point in our lives we have been influenced by the leadership of someone. Whether that leader was great or poor does not matter. We have all been influenced by someone or many people throughout the course of our lives. For many of us the first leaders we knew were our parents, our public […]

Experiencing Life without Television Pt.2

Almost six months have past since we moved our 40′ television out of the living room and into the school room. You can read all about that in part 1.The first two or three months were rough. While I was excited, my wife was smiling through the pain. All day homeschooling and traveling with young […]

Getting Started in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the present and the future. Cryptocurrency is not like traditional fiat paper currency. Currency is truly energy and a vehicle of value based upon a collective agreement. When you, I and another party agree that quartz mineral is valuable the three of us then we can use it to buy goods and services […]

Our Homestead: Pt.2 Gardening Year Two

This year we are experimenting with square foot gardening. Last year’s garden was a success and this year we wanted a higher yield. Our hope is to maximize our small lot (5500 sq ft) with this method and also grow a larger variety of food. We dismantled one of the raised beds that we built […]

The Currency of the Future

In case you have not heard there is a new currency on the block. The blockchain (or public) ledger is a technology that has allowed us to exchange currency or make transactions with transparency, while reserving the right to share our identity. The blockchain is a global public ledger. We can see all of the […]

An Open Letter to Home Schooling Dads

Men we have work to do on ourselves. When we became a home educating family I had expectations. I envisioned well adjusted children and a clean hone and warm meals. I saw the plethora of text books my wife was buying and thought we were just going to be awesome. Off to work I went. […]

Safe Digital Education

I am deeply concerned for parents who are not educated in the realm of the digital age. These parents are often lead by their children and introduced to new technologies through them. As parents we want to trust our children but that doesn’t mean that we should trust their discernment. As a Christian father I […]

Why We Should All Be Reading Aloud to Children

Do you remember what it was like when a parent or a teacher read a book aloud to you? It was magical and gripping. We have allow television, movies and countless other forms of distraction rob us of this amazing gift that we can give to each other. I still like books being read to […]

Are We Afraid to Not be Distracted?

Are we afraid to be alone with ourselves? Are we afraid of our own thoughts? Wicked and broken, sad and longing, perhaps hopeful? Why is it that we so desperately need to be distracted with movies and shows, apps and games and sometimes even other people? I have not watched TV in three days. Actually […]