Experiencing Life without Television

For a long time there has been this desire in my heart to live life without a television in our home. We have experimented with living by candle light and growing our own food and hanging clothes to dry. My most recent experiment has been with two sleeps. All of these endeavors have been a […]

Our New Pencil Sharpener

When I was a kid every classroom had a hand cranked pencil sharpener. We were not even allowed to use pens. Even the house I grew up in had one. We used pencils for everything. I recently discovered that these tools still exist and are actively manufactured. I had to have one. For the low […]

Dancing Vapour

This morning I had the opportunity to hang laundry on the line in the cool October air. With my back to the sun I watched the vapor of my breath dance in the sunlight. Everything about this moment was peaceful, wonderful and calm. In this moment I remember that I wanted this to be a […]

Wall Sconce Lighting

This week, taking advantage of some much needed time away from the office I decided to take a trip to the consignment shop where I found two wooden candle wall sconce for just under $8. But why candle sconce? Because I think they are cool and after experimenting with candle and oil lamp light last […]


How do you define leadership? I belive leadership to be the ability/skillset to lead a team or individual toward an objective or goals while discipling that same group in the way of Jesus. Before some of you dismiss this text based upon my mention of Jesus, read on and give this a chance. In being […]

Our Homestead: Pt.1 A New Beginning

This summer we made a go of starting a few raised garden beds on our property and we loved it. The excitement of watching your seedlings grow into food producing plants is amazingly inspiring. Each day we watered our plants and watched them grow and blossom. Then the bees came and began their work of […]

Cutting the Cord Again

About 5 years ago we cut the cord to our cable provider. We switched to a new provider for internet access and never looked back. We had the internet and Netflix, Hulu, and later Amazon Prime. But tonight I cancelled Netflix and Hulu.

Getting Up in the AM

Each day I get out of bed in almost the same way, dragging my butt. The ritual is the same most days. I get up, iron my clothes, shower, get dresssed, pack my backpack and head out the door. Some days I make coffee, other days I buy coffee. The problem is that I go […]

Rich People Problems

Stuff! I feel like I can never get rid of all the stuff I have. Well the truth is that stuff has value and isn’t completely useless. That is true for many people. We are afraid to throw our stuff out or just part with it, because it actually can still be used by someone… […]

The New Internet

Today we use the internet for everything. For that convenience we give up our identities and other information about our activities. Of course you aren’t doing anything wrong, so why should you care? Because “wrong” is determined by someone other than you and a small group at that, not a consensus. So what is “OK” […]