22 or not 22

I have been shooting the 22LR cartridge for about 6 years. I have watched the cost of a 500 count bulk pack go from $13 up to $30. Which I think is outrageous. But it is still the lowest priced cartridge on the market. At present the range I currently belong to is an indoor […]

MILLER: Here are the 81 specific gun models banned in Maryland – Washington Times

Apparently Maryland has gone nuts. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley gleefully signed into law Thursday a foolish gun-control measure that arbitrarily bans certain make and model firearms. Here is the list: Manufacturers A: AA Arms AP–9 semiautomatic pistol;American Arms Spectre da Semiautomatic carbine; AK–47 in all forms; Algimec AGM–1 type semi–auto; AR 100 type semi–auto; AR 180 type […]

Yet Another Reason for Home Carry

Burriville, RI – Five men made off with $2000 cash during a home invasion. Shots were fired. Though the story doesn’t indicate which side of the fence those shots came from. Your night stand firearm isn’t helping you when you are in the kitchen, and about to answer the back door.

No Surrender on 2nd Amendment Rights

Sootch00’s latest offering. Very inspiring. No surrender. Now is the time to unite to defend the constitution and the right to defend ourselves. Read your state and federal constitution. Do not be snowballed and brainwashed into believing that you are too stupid to own a firearm to defend yourself.

Proposed Gun-Ban List

Stock up now, look over the proposed gun-ban list. Read it well. Consider the ammo you’ll need. Consider other weapons that you would use for self defense and stock up on those before you lose those too.