Experiencing Life without Television Pt.2

Almost six months have past since we moved our 40′ television out of the living room and into the school room. You can read all about that in part 1.The first two or three months were rough. While I was excited, my wife was smiling through the pain. All day homeschooling and traveling with young […]

An Open Letter to Home Schooling Dads

Men we have work to do on ourselves. When we became a home educating family I had expectations. I envisioned well adjusted children and a clean hone and warm meals. I saw the plethora of text books my wife was buying and thought we were just going to be awesome. Off to work I went. […]

Safe Digital Education

I am deeply concerned for parents who are not educated in the realm of the digital age. These parents are often lead by their children and introduced to new technologies through them. As parents we want to trust our children but that doesn’t mean that we should trust their discernment. As a Christian father I […]

Why We Should All Be Reading Aloud to Children

Do you remember what it was like when a parent or a teacher read a book aloud to you? It was magical and gripping. We have allow television, movies and countless other forms of distraction rob us of this amazing gift that we can give to each other. I still like books being read to […]

Are We Afraid to Not be Distracted?

Are we afraid to be alone with ourselves? Are we afraid of our own thoughts? Wicked and broken, sad and longing, perhaps hopeful? Why is it that we so desperately need to be distracted with movies and shows, apps and games and sometimes even other people? I have not watched TV in three days. Actually […]

Dancing Vapour

This morning I had the opportunity to hang laundry on the line in the cool October air. With my back to the sun I watched the vapor of my breath dance in the sunlight. Everything about this moment was peaceful, wonderful and calm. In this moment I remember that I wanted this to be a […]

Wall Sconce Lighting

This week, taking advantage of some much needed time away from the office I decided to take a trip to the consignment shop where I found two wooden candle wall sconce for just under $8. But why candle sconce? Because I think they are cool and after experimenting with candle and oil lamp light last […]


How do you define leadership? I belive leadership to be the ability/skillset to lead a team or individual toward an objective or goals while discipling that same group in the way of Jesus. Before some of you dismiss this text based upon my mention of Jesus, read on and give this a chance. In being […]

Rich People Problems

Stuff! I feel like I can never get rid of all the stuff I have. Well the truth is that stuff has value and isn’t completely useless. That is true for many people. We are afraid to throw our stuff out or just part with it, because it actually can still be used by someone… […]

The New Internet

Today we use the internet for everything. For that convenience we give up our identities and other information about our activities. Of course you aren’t doing anything wrong, so why should you care? Because “wrong” is determined by someone other than you and a small group at that, not a consensus. So what is “OK” […]