Getting Started in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the present and the future. Cryptocurrency is not like traditional fiat paper currency. Currency is truly energy and a vehicle of value based upon a collective agreement. When you, I and another party agree that quartz mineral is valuable the three of us then we can use it to buy goods and services […]

Cutting the Cord Again

About 5 years ago we cut the cord to our cable provider. We switched to a new provider for internet access and never looked back. We had the internet and Netflix, Hulu, and later Amazon Prime. But tonight I cancelled Netflix and Hulu.

Alone, Together

How many likes did you get today on that post that you were excited about a minute ago? Do you think they really liked your eyes in that selfie? Did your BFF text you back yet? What is taking her so friggin’ long? Imagine if instead of a website, you had just watched this on […]

Downloading Videos from YouTube

Downloading videos from YouTube is nothing new. There are lots of sites that allow you to do this and even extract audio from those videos. Which, honestly is a great way to build your mp3 collection. If you still collect mp3s. But I want to talk about the command line program youtube-dl. Now before you […]

How to Get Free Printed Books with Google

Let’s face it, Google is trying to take over the world. With that said, let’s also consider that their approach to indexing the internet can work to our advantage. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A GEEK to be able to use the internet to your advantage. There is an abundance of data out there […]

Minitube – A Youtube Client for All

Minitube is a Youtube client for your desktop. There are versions for Linux, MacOS and Windows. For this review I am running Minitube on Linux Mint 14. I am actually writing this review and running Minitube on Mint from a USB drive. So there are multiple factors in this review to be considered.  Minitube has […]

Gaming – Staying Behind the Curve

Traditionally I have never been one to keep up with the Jones when it comes to video games. I enjoy video games when I have the time, and while I would enjoy the latest Halo, there is still a place in my heart for old school 8-bit Nintendo. I’m talking about staying behind the curve […]

How Linux is Just Better

I have been dabbling in Linux for about two or three years. And while I am a “computer” guy by profession, I have learned that Linux is generally just better. So why haven’t more people adopted it? It isn’t advertised. And without advertising we are usually scared to try new or different things. Unless we see it […]

Ubuntu Linux on Your Next Phone

Canonical unveiled their Ubuntu OS for smartphones on January 2nd. And the video below highlights some of the features. It looks very promising and while I am not a fan of the Unity interface on the desktop it seems to make more sense on the mobile platform. Right now this is still very much an […]

It’s Alive, Alive – Raspberry Pi Comes to Life

I finally received my Raspberry Pi computer last Thursday, then took ill after a flu shot. So today is the first day that I’ve been able to really begin to explore this neat little device. If you do not know what a Raspberry Pi is, let me explain.