Cutting the Cord Again

About 5 years ago we cut the cord to our cable provider. We switched to a new provider for internet access and never looked back. We had the internet and Netflix, Hulu, and later Amazon Prime. But tonight I cancelled Netflix and Hulu.

We still have prime because it was paid a year in full. Amazon is smart like that. When we cut the cord we were using a homemade antenna, which was great. After a year I bought a commercially made antenna for $75. I was already saving $90 a month by killing the cable bill. So a one time purchase of $75 made sense. Now I am saving $15.98 more a month, $191.76 a year. Not a lot huh? Well it is when that money can now go into an interest baring account. But this isn’t just about money. It is about principal.

We are voting as a family to let our lives be more than the latest episode of “America’s Got Talent” or the “Walking Dead”. We also were binge watchers. Many nights could be lost to 4 or 5 episodes of our latest fix. We can still watch over the air TV or Youtube on Roku or DVDs. We just are not going to continue to pay for ads on Hulu and crappy selections on Netflix. I admit  when I was cancelling our account I had a moment of hesitation. I got better. So now when we want to watch a movie we’ll have to plan ahead and borrow one from the library or watch a DVD or video file that we ready own. Or not at all. We can ride bikes and take hikes and play games or read books. We can garden or build or just share life together.

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