Dancing Vapour

This morning I had the opportunity to hang laundry on the line in the cool October air. With my back to the sun I watched the vapor of my breath dance in the sunlight. Everything about this moment was peaceful, wonderful and calm. In this moment I remember that I wanted this to be a part of my daily existence. I am currently on vacation from my daily desk job which has afforded me this opportunity. Yet there are others that have transitioned to their homesteads as their daily way of life. Part of my mind calls them lucky another part remembers the stories of hardship that I have read about these families in their transitions. Yet I still feel in this moment watching the vapor a desire to be on the homestead in this place hanging laundry or building a piece of furniture or tending a garden. I am greatly longing for this movement to a new way of life and it is all encompassed in this moment as I watch the vapor of my breath dance in the sunlight.