How do you define leadership? I belive leadership to be the ability/skillset to lead a team or individual toward an objective or goals while discipling that same group in the way of Jesus. Before some of you dismiss this text based upon my mention of Jesus, read on and give this a chance. In being a disciple of Christ, I believe that I am to lead others in the same way that Christ leads me. So whether you are a believer in the Gospel of Jesus or not, I would like to think that we can agree that integrity, compassion, caring and accountability are all qualities that we desire in our leaders.

In my study of leadership I have learned many concepts and ideas from a variety of leaders. One quality that I see over and over is leaders must first learn to be students. In effort to lead effectively a leader must be teachable. And that requires one to be humble. In our humility we must always be willing to seek opportunity to learn as much as we can about those who we are entrusted to lead. Leaders must be both flexible in thought and yet firm in execution. We should seek to serve those whom we lead.

Leaders are not bosses or control freaks. Well real leaders anyway. We seek to develop our teams and the individuals therein. We seek to disciple our families and love them with grace amd mercy. For some these qualities come naturally, for others not so much. But we can all learn. Some leaders are great teachers and others are not. Leaders want to inspire their teams not manage them.

Leaders know the value of well inspired teams. Leaders know the value of live and grace. Christ is a leader and I for one want to lead just like him.