U.S. Army Field Manuals

FMI 3-07.22Counterinsurgency OperationsExpires 1 Oct 20061 Oct 2004PDF
FMI 3-63.6Command and Control of Detainee OperationsExpires 23 Sep 200723 Sep 2005PDF
FMI 3-90.10Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, And High Yield Explosives Operational HeadquartersChange 1, 15 Feb 1124 Jan 2008PDF
FMI 4-93.2The Sustainment BrigadeChange 1 30 Dec 0904 Feb 2009PDF
FMI 4-93.41Army Field Support Brigade Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures22 Feb 2007PDF
FMI 5-0.1The Operations ProcessExpires 31 Mar 200831 Mar 2006PDF
FMI 6-02.45Signal Support To Theater OperationsChange 1, 7 May 200805 Jul 2007PDF
FMI 6-02.60Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures (TTP) For The Joint Network Node-Network (J-NN-N)Change 1, 7 May 200805 Sep 2006PDF
FM 1The Army14 Jun 2001HTML
FM 1The Army14 Jun 2005PDF
FM 1-01Generating Force Support For OperationsChange 1, 12 May 200802 Apr 2008PDF
FM 1-02MCRP 5-12AOperational Terms And GraphicsChange 1, 2 Feb 1021 Sep 2004PDF
FM 1-04Legal Support To The Operational ArmySS FM 27-10015 Apr 2009PDF
FM 1-04Legal Support To The Operational ArmySS FM 1-04, 26 Jan 1218 Mar 2013PDF
FM 1-05Religious SupportSS FM 16-118 Apr 2003PDF
FM 1-20Military History Operations03 Feb 2003PDF
FM 1-100Army Aviation Operations21 Feb 1997HTML
FM 1-108Doctrine for Army Special Operations Aviation Forces3 Nov 1993HTML
FM 1-111Aviation Brigades27 Oct 1997HTML
FM 1-112Attack Helicopter Operations2 Apr 1997PDF
FM 1-113Utility and Cargo Helicopter Operations25 Jun 1997HTML
FM 1-114Air Cavalry Squadron and Troop Operations1 Feb 2000HTML
FM 1-120Army Air Traffic Services Contingency and Combat Zone Operations22 May 1995HTML
FM 1-140Helicopter Gunnery29 Mar 1996HTML
FM 1-506Fundamentals of Aircraft Power Plants30 Nov 1990HTML
FM 1-564Shipboard Operations29 Jun 1997HTML
FM 2-0Intelligence17 May 2004HTML
FM 2-22.3Human Intelligence Collector OperationsSS FM 34-526 Sep 2006PDF
FM 2-22.401 NTTP 2-01.4 AFTTP(I) 3-2.63TECHINT: Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Technical Intelligence Operations9 June 2006PDF
FM 3-0Operations14 Jun 2001HTML
FM 3-0OperationsChange 1, 22 Feb 1127 Feb 2008PDF
FM 3-01.7Air Defense Artillery Brigade Operations31 Oct 2000HTML
FM 3-01.11Air Defense Artillery Reference Handbook31 Oct 2000HTML
FM 3-01.15MCRP 3-25ENTTP 3-01.8AFTTP(I) 3-2.31IADS: Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for an Integrated Air Defense System12 Oct 2004PDF
FM 3-01.16 MCRP 2-12.1A NTTP 2-01.2 AFTTP(I) 3-2.36TMD IPB: Theater Missile Defense Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace04 Mar 2002PDF
FM 3-01.20 MCRP 3-25.4A NTTP 3-01.6 AFTTP(I) 3-2.30JAOC/AAMDC Multiservice Procedures for Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC) and Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC) Coordination1 Jan 2001PDF
FM 3-01.48Divisional Air And Missile Defense Sentinel Platoon Operations12 Dec 2003PDF
FM 3-01.85Patriot Battalion and Battery Operations13 May 2002HTML
FM 3-04.104Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Forward Arming And Refueling Point03 Aug 2006PDF
FM 3-04.111Aviation BrigadesSS FM 1-11121 Aug 2003PDF
FM 3-04.111Aviation BrigadesSS FM 3-04.111, 21 Aug 0307 Dec 2007PDF
FM 3-04.113Utility And Cargo Helicopter OperationsSS FM 1-11307 Dec 2007PDF
FM 3-04.120Air Traffic Services OperationsSS FM 1-12016 Feb 2007PDF
FM 3-04.126Attack Reconnaissance Helicopter OperationsSS FM 1-112, FM 1-11416 Feb 2007PDF
FM 3-04.203Fundamentals of FlightSS FM 1-202, FM 1-203, TC 1-201, TC 1-20407 May 2007PDF
FM 3-04.240Instrument Flight For Army AviatorsSS FM 1-24030 Apr 2007PDF
FM 3-04.300Airfield And Flight Operations ProceduresChange 2, 10 Dec 1012 Aug 2008PDF
FM 3-04.303Air Traffic Services Facility Operations, Training, Maintenance, and StandardizationSS FM 1-3033 Dec 2003PDF
FM 3-04.500Army Aviation MaintenanceSS FM 1-50026 Sep 2000HTML
FM 3-04.513Battlefield Recovery and Evacuation of AircraftSS FM 1-51327 Sep 2000HTML
FM 3-04.513Aircraft Recovery OperationsSS FM 3-04.513, 27 Sep 0021 Jul 2008PDF
FM 3-05.401MCRP 3-33.1ACivil Affairs Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures23 Sep 2003HTML
FM 3-06Urban OperationsSS FM 90-101 Jun 2003HTML
FM 3-06.1 MCRP 3-35.3A NTTP 3-01.04 AFTTP(I) 3-2.29Aviation Urban Operations: Multiservice Procedures for Aviation Urban Operations15 Apr 2001PDF
FM 3-06.11Combined Arms Operations in Urban TerrainSS FM 90-10-128 Feb 2002HTML
FM 3-07Stability Operations And Support OperationsSS FM 100-2020 Feb 2003PDF
FM 3-07Stability OperationsSS FM 3-07, 20 Feb 0306 Oct 2008PDF
FM 3-07Stability OperationsChange 1, 18 Mar 1306 Oct 2008PDF
FM 3-07.1Security Force Assistance01 May 2009PDF
FM 3-07.31MCWP 3-33.8AFTTP(I) 3-2.40Peace Operations: Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Conducting Pease Operations26 Oct 2003PDF
FM 3-07.31MCWP 3-33.8AFTTP(I) 3-2.40Peace Operations: Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Conducting Peace OperationsChange 1, 14 Apr 0926 Oct 2003PDF
FM 3-09Fire SupportSS FM 6-203 Nov 2011PDF
FM 3-09.12MCRP 3-16.1ATactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Field Artillery Target AcquisitionSS FM 6-12121 Jun 2002HTML
FM 3-09.15MCWP 3-16.5Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Field Artillery MeteorologySS FM 6-1525 Oct 2007PDF
FM 3-09.21Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for The Field Artillery BattalionSS FM 6-20-122 Mar 2001HTML
FM 3-09.22Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Corps Artillery, Division Artillery, and Field Artillery Brigade OperationsSS FM 6-20-22 Mar 2001HTML
FM 3-09.31MCRP 3-16C Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Fire Support for the Combined Arms CommanderInitial Draft26 Sep 2000PDF
FM 3-09.31MCRP 3-16CTactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for the Combined Arms CommanderSS FM 6-711 Oct 2002HTML
FM 3-09.32MCRP 3-16.6ANTTP 3-09.2AFTTP(I) 3-2.6Multiservice Procedures for the Joint Application of FirepowerSS FM 90-201 Nov 2002PDF
FM 3-09.70Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for M109A6 Howitzer (Paladin) Operations1 Aug 2000HTML
FM 3-3FMFM 11-17Chemical and Biological Contamination Avoidance16 Nov 1992HTML
FM 3-3-1FMFM 11-18Nuclear Contamination Avoidance9 Sep 1994PDF
FM 3-3-1FMFM 11-18Nuclear Contamination Avoidance9 Sep 1994HTML
FM 3-4FMFM 11-19NBC Protection29 May 1992HTML
FM 3-5 MCWP 3-37.3NBC Decontamination28 Jul 2000PDF
FM 3-5 MCWP 3-37.3NBC DecontaminationChange 1, 31 Jan 0228 Jul 2000PDF
FM 3-6 FMFM 7-11-H AFM 105-7Field Behavior of NBC Agents (Including Smoke and Incendiaries)3 Nov 1986HTML
FM 3-7NBC Field Handbook29 Sep 1994HTML
FM 3-9Potential Military Chemical/Biological Agents and Compounds12 Dec 1990PDF
FM 3-11MCWP 3-3.7.2 Flame, Riot Control Agents and Herbicide Operations 19 Aug 1996PDF
FM 3-11 MCWP 3-37.1 NWP 3-11 AFTTP(I) 3-2.42Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Defense Operations10 Mar 2003PDF
FM 3-11-3 MCWP 3-37.2A NTTP 3-11.25 AFTTP(I) 3-2.56Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Chemical, Biological, Radiological, And Nuclear Contamination Avoidance2 Feb 2006PDF
FM 3-11.3MCRP 3-37.2ANTTP 3-11.25AFTTP(I) 3-2.56Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Chemical, Biological, Radiological, And Nuclear Contamination AvoidanceChange 1, 30 APR 0902 Feb 2006PDF
FM 3-11.4 MCWP 3-37.2 NTTP 3-11.27 AFTTP(I) 3-2.46Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Protection2 Jun 2003PDF
FM 3-11.4 MCWP 3-37.2 NTTP 3-11.27 AFTTP(I) 3-2.46Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical (NBC) ProtectionChange 1, 31 Dec 0902 Jun 2003PDF
FM 3-11.5MCWP 3-37.3NTTP 3-11.26AFTTP(I) 3-2.60Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Chemical, Biological, Radiological, And Nuclear DecontaminationSS FM 3-504 Apr 2006PDF
FM 3-11.9MCRP 3-37.1BNTTP 3-11.32AFTTP(I) 3-2.55Potential Military Chemical/Biological Agents And CompoundsSS FM 3-910 Jan 2005PDF
FM 3-11.19 MCWP 3-37.4 NTTP 3-11.29 AFTTP(I) 3-2.44Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical ReconnaissanceJul 2004PDF
FM 3-11.19 MCWP 3-37.4 NTTP 3-11.29 AFTTP(I) 3-2.44Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical ReconnaissanceChange 1, 31 Dec 200830 Jul 2004PDF
FM 3-11.21 MCRP 3-37.2C NTTP 3-11.24 AFTTP(I) 3-2.37Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Aspects of Consequence Management12 Dec 2001HTML
FM 3-11.21 MCRP 3-37.2C NTTP 3-11.24 AFTTP(I) 3-2.37Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Chemical, Biological, Radiological, And Nuclear Consequence Management OperationsSS FM 3-11.21, 12 Dec 0101 Apr 2008PDF
FM 3-11.22Weapons Of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures6 Jun 2003HTML
FM 3-11.22Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team OperationsChange 1, 31 Mar 0910 Dec 2007PDF
FM 3-11.34 MCRP 3-37.5 NWP 3-11.23 AFTTP(I) 3-2.33Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for NBC Defense of Theater Fixed Sites, Ports, and Airfields29 Sep 2000PDF
FM 3-11.34 MCRP 3-37.5 NWP 3-11.23 AFTTP(I) 3-2.33Multiservice TTP For Installation CBRN DefenseSS FM 3-11.34, 29 Sep 0006 Nov 2007PDF
FM 3-11.86MCWP 3-37.1CNTTP 3-11.31AFTTP(I) 3-2.52Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Biological SurveillanceSS FM 3-101-4, FM 3-101-604-Oct-2004PDF
FM 3-13Information OperationsSS FM 100-628 Nov 2003PDF
FM 3-13Inform and Influence ActivitiesSS FM 3-13, 28 Nov 0325 Jan 2013PDF
FM 3-14Space Support to Army OperationsSS FM 100-1818 May 2005PDF
FM 3-14 MCRP 3-37.1ANuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Vulnerability Analysis12 Nov 1997PDF
FM 3-16The Army In Multinational OperationsSS FM 100-820 May 2010PDF
FM 3-19FMFM 11-20NBC Reconnaissance19 Nov 1993HTML
FM 3-19.1Military Police OperationsSS FM 19-122 Mar 2001HTML
FM 3-19.1Military Police OperationsChange 1, 31 Jan 0222 Mar 2001HTML
FM 3-19.4Military Police Leader's HandbookSS FM 19-44 Mar 2002HTML
FM 3-19.13Law Enforcement InvestigationsSS FM 19-2010 Jan 2005PDF
FM 3-19.15Civil Disturbance OperationsSS FM 19-1518 Apr 2005PDF
FM 3-19.17Military Working Dogs6 Jul 2005PDF
FM 3-19.30Physical SecuritySS FM 19-308 Jan 2001HTML
FM 3-19.40Military Police Internment/Resettlement OperationsSS FM 19-401 Aug 2001HTML
FM 3-19-50Police Intelligence Operations21 Jul 2006PDF
FM 3-21Chemical Accident Contamination Control23 Feb 1978HTML
FM 3-21.8The Infantry Rifle Platoon And SquadSS FM 7-828 Mar 2007PDF
FM 3-21.9The SBCT Infantry Rifle Platoon And Squad2 Dec 2002HTML
FM 3-21.10The Infantry Rifle CompanySS FM 7-1027 Jul 2006PDF
FM 3-21.11The SBCT Infantry Rifle Company23 Jan 2003HTML
FM 3-21.12The Infantry Weapons Company01 Jul 2008PDF
FM 3-21.20The Infantry BattalionSS FM 7-2013 Dec 2006PDF
FM 3-21.21The Stryker Brigade Combat Team Infantry Battalion8 Apr 2003HTML
FM 3-21.31The Stryker Brigade Combat Team13 Mar 2003HTML
FM 3-21.38Pathfinder OperationsSS FM 57-381 Oct 2002HTML
FM 3-21.38Pathfinder OperationsSS FM 3-21.38, 1 Oct 0225 Apr 2006PDF
FM 3-21.71Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (Bradley)SS FM 7-7J20 Aug 2002HTML
FM 3-21.75The Warrior Ethos And Soldier Combat SkillsSS FM 21-7528 Jan 2008PDF
FM 3-21.91Tactical Employment Of Antiarmor Platoons And CompaniesSS FM 7-9126 Nov 2002HTML
FM 3-21.94The Stryker Brigade Combat Team Infantry Battalion Reconnaissance Platoon18 Apr 2003HTML
FM 3-21.220MCRP 3-15.7NAVSEA SS400-AF-MMO-010AFMAN 11-420Static Line Parachuting Techniques And TacticsSS FM 57-22023 Sep 2003PDF
FM 3-22Army Support to Security CooperationSS FM 3-07.122 Jan 2013PDF
FM 3-22.1Bradley Gunnery28 Nov 2003PDF
FM 3-22.9Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A2/3, M16A4 and M4 CarbineSS FM 23-924 Apr 2003HTML
FM 3-22.9Rifle Marksmanship M16-/M4- SeriesChange 1, 10 Feb 1112 Aug 2008PDF
FM 3-22.27MK 19, 40-mm Grenade Machine Gun, MOD 3SS FM 23-2728 Nov 2003PDF
FM 3-22.3140-MM Grenade Launcher, M203SS FM 23-3113 Feb 2003HTML
FM 3-22.32Improved Target Acquisition System, M4108 Jul 2005PDF
FM 3-22.34TOW Weapon SystemSS FM 23-3428 Nov 2003PDF
FM 3-22.37Javelin Medium Antiarmor Weapon System23 Jan 2003HTML
FM 3-22.37Javelin -- Close Combat Missile System, MediumSS FM 3-22.37, 23 Jan 0320 Mar 2008PDF
FM 3-22.40MCWP 3-15.8NTTP 3-07.3.2AFTTP(I) 3-2.45USCG Pub 3-07.31Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons15 Jan 2003PDF
FM 3-22.68Crew-Served Machine Guns, 5.56-mm AND 7.62-mm31 Jan 2003HTML
FM 3-22.68Crew-Served Machine Guns 5.56-mm And 7.62-mmSS FM 3-22.68, 31 Jan 0321 Jul 2006PDF
FM 3-22.90MortarsSS FM 3-22.90, 31 Dec 0407 Dec 2007PDF
FM 3-22.91Mortar Fire Direction Procedures17 Jul 2008PDF
FM 3-23.24M47 Dragon Medium Antitank Weapon SystemSS FM 23-2430 Aug 2001HTML
FM 3-23.25Light Antiarmor WeaponsSS FM 23-2530 Aug 2001HTML
FM 3-23.30Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals1 Sep 2000HTML
FM 3-23.30Grenades And Pyrotechnic SignalsSS FM 3-23.30, 7 Jun 05, and FM 3-23.30, Change 1, 27 Nov 0615 Oct 2009PDF
FM 3-23.35Combat Training With Pistols, M9 And M11SS FM 23-3525 Jun 2003HTML
FM 3-23.35Combat Training With Pistols, M9 and M11Change 4, 12 Aug 0825 Jun 2003PDF
FM 3-24FMFM 3-24CounterinsurgencyFinal Draft - Not for Implementation16 Jun 2006PDF
FM 3-24MCWP 3-33.5Counterinsurgency15 Dec 2006PDF
FM 3-24.2Tactics In CounterinsurgencySS FM 7-98, FM 90-821 Apr 2009PDF
FM 3-25.26Map Reading and Land NavigationSS FM 21-2620 Jul 2001HTML
FM 3-25.26Map Reading And Land NavigationChange 1, 30 Aug 200618 Jan 2005PDF
FM 3-25.150CombativesSS FM 21-15018 Jan 2002HTML
FM 3-28Civil Support OperationsSignature Draft4 Jun 2010PDF
FM 3-28Civil Support Operations20 Aug 2010PDF
FM 3-31 MCWP 3-40.7Joint Force Land Component Commander Handbook (JFLCC)13 Dec 2001HTML
FM 3-31.1 MCWP 3-36AMCI: Army and Marine Corps Integration in Joint Operations21 Nov 2001PDF
FM 3-34Engineer Operations02 Apr 2009PDF
FM 3-34Engineer OperationsSS FM 3-34, 2 Apr 0904 Aug 2011PDF
FM 3-34.2Combined-Arms Breaching OperationsSS 90-13-131 Aug 2000HTML
FM 3-34.2Combined-Arms Breaching OperationsChange 3, 11 Oct 0231 Aug 2000HTML
FM 3-34.5MCRP 4-11BEnvironmental ConsiderationsSS FM 3-100.416 Feb 2010PDF
FM 3-34.22Engineer Operations - Brigade Combat Team And BelowSS FM 3-34.221, FM 5-7-30, FM 5-71-2, FM 5-71-311 Feb 2009PDF
FM 3-34.170MCWP 3-17.4Engineer ReconnaissanceSS FM 5-17025 Mar 2008PDF
FM 3-34.230Topographic OperationsSS FM 5-1053 Aug 2000HTML
FM 3-34.280Engineer Diving OperationsSS FM 5-49020 Dec 2004PDF
FM 3-34.331Topographic SurveyingSS FM 5-23216 Jan 2001HTML
FM 3-34.343Military, Nonstandard Fixed BridgingSS FM 5-44612 Feb 2002HTML
FM 3-34.400General EngineeringSS FM 5-10409 Dec 2008PDF
FM 3-34.468Seabee Quarry Blasting Operations And Safety Manual19-Dec-2003PDF
FM 3-34.480Engineer Prime Power OperationsSS FM 5-42204 Apr 2007PDF
FM 3-35Army Prepositioned OperationsSS FMI 3-35 & FM 4-01.01121 Apr 2010PDF
FM 3-35.1Army Prepositioned OperationsSS FM 100-17-1 & FM 100-17-201 Jul 2008PDF
FM 3-35.4Deployment Fort-to-Port18 Jun 2002PDF
FM 3-36Electronic Warfare In Operations25 Feb 2009PDF
FM 3-36Electronic WarfareSS FM 3-36, 25 Feb 099 Nov 2012PDF
FM 3-37Protection30 Sep 2009PDF
FM 3-39Military Police OperationsSS FM 3-39, 16 Feb 1026 Aug 2013PDF
FM 3-50Smoke Operations4 Dec 1990HTML
FM 3-52Army Airspace Command and Control in a Combat ZoneSS FM 100-1031 Aug 2002HTML
FM 3-52Airspace ControlSS FM 3-52, 1 Aug 028 Feb 2013PDF
FM 3-52.2MCRP 3-25FNTTP 3-56.2AFTTP(I) 3-2.17TAGS: Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For The Theater Air Ground SystemSS FM 100-103-28 Dec 2003PDF
FM 3-52.3MCRP 3-25ANTTP 3-56.3AFTTP(I) 3-2.23JATC: Joint Air Traffic ControlSS FM 100-10417 Jul 2003PDF
FM 3-54.10 MCRP 3-25B NTTP 6-02.1 AFTTP(I) 3-2.5Brevity: Multiservice Brevity CodesSS FM 3-97.185 Jun 2003PDF
FM 3-55.12MCRP 3-33.7ANTTP 3-61.2AFTTP(I) 3-2.41COMCAM -- Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Combat Camera Operations24 May 2007PDF
FM 3-55.93Long-Range Surveillance Unit OperationsPost-Final Draft; SS FM 7-931 May 2008PDF
FM 3-55.93Long-Range Surveillance Unit OperationsSS FM 7-9323 Jun 2009PDF
FM 3-57Civil Affairs OperationsSS FM 3-05.4031 Oct 2011PDF
FM 3-60The Targeting ProcessSS FM 6-20-1026 Nov 2010PDF
FM 3-61.1Public Affairs Tactics, Techniques and Procedures1 Oct 2000HTML
FM 3-90Tactics4 Jul 2001HTML
FM 3-90-1Offense and Defense, Volume 1SS FM 3-9022 Mar 2013PDF
FM 3-90-2Reconnaissance, Security, and Tactical Enabling Tasks, Volume 222 Mar 2013PDF
FM 3-90.2The Tank And Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task ForceSS FM 71-211 Jun 2003HTML
FM 3-90.6Brigade Combat Team14 Sep 2010PDF
FM 3-90.12MCWP 3-17.1Combined Arms Gap-Crossing OperationsSS FM 90-1301 Jul 2008PDF
FM 3-90.31Maneuver Enhancement Brigade Operations26 Feb 2009PDF
FM 3-92Corps OperationsSS FM 100-1526 Nov 2010PDF
FM 3-97.6Mountain OperationsSS FM 90-628 Nov 2000HTML
FM 3-97.18 MCRP 3-25B NTTP 6-02.1 AFTTP(I) 3-2.5Brevity: Multiservice Brevity Codes1 Feb 2002HTML
FM 3-97.61 Military MountaineeringSS TC 90-6-126 Aug 2002HTML
FM 3-97.61Military Mountaineering - Change 1 (31 January 2002)Change 1, 20 Feb 200326 Aug 2002PDF
FM 3-100 MCWP 3-3.7.1Chemical Operations Priciples and Fundamentals8 May 1996HTML
FM 3-100.2 MCWP 3-25D NTTP 3-52.1(A) AFTTP(I) 3-2.27ICAC2: Multiservice Procedures for Integrated Combat Airspace Command and Control30 Jun 2000PDF
FM 3-100.4 MCRP 4-11BEnvironmental Considerations in Military Operations15 Jun 2000HTML
FM 3-100.21Contractors on the BattlefieldSS FM 100-213 Jan 2003HTML
FM 3-100.38 MCRP 3-17.2B NTTP 3-02.41 AFTTP(I) 3-2.12UXO: Multiservice Procedures for Unexploded Explosive Ordnance Operations in a Joint Environment23 Aug 2001PDF
FM 3-100.38 MCRP 3-17.2B NTTP 3-02.41 AFTTP(I) 3-2.12UXO Multiservice Procedures For Unexploded Ordnance OperationsSS FM 3-100.38, 23 Aug 0116 Aug 2005PDF
FM 3-101Chemical Staffs and Units19 Nov 1993HTML
FM 3-101-1Smoke Squad/Platoon Operations--Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures20 Sep 1994HTML
FM 4-0Combat Service SupportSS FM 100-1029 Aug 2003HTML
FM 4-0SustainmentSS FM 4-0, 29 Aug 0330 Apr 2009PDF
FM 4-01.011Unit Movement Operations31 Oct 2002HTML
FM 4-01.30Movement ControlSS FM 55-101 Sep 2003PDF
FM 4-01.41Army Rail Operations12 Dec 2003PDF
FM 4-02Force Health Protection In A Global EnvironmentChange 1, 30 Jul 0913 Feb 2003PDF
FM 4-02Army Health SystemSS ATTP 4-02, 7 Oct 201126 Aug 2013PDF
FM 4-02.1Combat Health Logistics28 Sep 2001PDF
FM 4-02.1Army Medical LogisticsSS FM 4-02.1, 28 Sep 0108 Dec 2009PDF
FM 4-02.4Medical Platoon Leader's HandbookSS FM 8-10-424 Aug 2001PDF
FM 4-02.4Medical Platoon Leader's Handbook Tactics, Techniques, And ProceduresChange 1, 18 Dec 03,
SS FM 8-10-4
24 Aug 2001PDF
FM 4-02.6The Medical Company: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures1 Aug 2002PDF
FM 4-02.6The Medical Company - Tactics, Techniques, And ProceduresChange 1, 9 Apr 2004
SS FM 8-10-1
01 Aug 2002PDF
FM 4-02.7 Health Service Support in a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Environment: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures1 Oct 2002PDF
FM 4-02.7MCRP 4-11.1FNTTP 4-02.7AFTTP 3-42.3Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Health Service Support In A Chemical, Biological, Radiological, And Nuclear EnvironmentSS FM 4-02.7, 1 Oct 0215 Jul 2009PDF
FM 4-02.10Theater HospitalizationSS FM 4-02.10, 29 Dec 0003 Jan 2005PDF
FM 4-02.12Army Health System Command And Control OrganizationsSS FM 4-02.12, 2 Feb 0426 May 2010PDF
FM 4-02.17Preventive Medicine Services28 Aug 2000PDF
FM 4-02.19Dental Service Support OperationsSS FM 4-02.19, 1 Mar 0131 Jul 2009PDF
FM 4-02.21Division And Brigade Surgeons' Handbook (Digitized) Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures15 Nov 2000PDF
FM 4-02.25Employment Of Forward Surgical Teams Tactics, Techniques, And ProceduresSS FM 8-10-2528 Mar 2003PDF
FM 4-02.51Combat And Operational Stress ControlSS FM 8-5106 Jul 2006PDF
FM 4-02.56Army Medical Field Feeding OperationsSS FM 8-50529 Apr 2003PDF
FM 4-02.285MCRP 4-11.1ANTTP 4-02.22AFTTP(I) 3-2.69Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Treatment Of Chemical Agent Casualties And Conventional Military Chemical InjuriesSS FM 8-28518 Sep 2007PDF
FM 4-02.283 NTRP 4-02.21 AFMAN 44-161(I) MCRP 4-11.1BTreatment of Nuclear and Radiological Casualties20 Dec 2001PDF
FM 4-20.07Quartermaster Force Provider CompanySS FM 42-42429 Aug 2008PDF
FM 4-20.41Aerial Delivery Distribution In The Theater Of OperationsSS FM 10-500-129 Aug 2003PDF
FM 4-20.64Mortuary Affairs OperationsSS FM 10-6409 Jan 2007PDF
FM 4-20.102NAVSEA SS400-AB-MMO-010TO 13C7-1-5Rigging Airdrop PlatformsSS FM 10-500-222 Aug 2001PDF
FM 4-20.102MCRP 4-11.3JNAVSEA SS400-AB-MMO-010TO 13C7-1-5Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Airdrop PlatformsSS FM 4-20.102, 22 Aug 0108 Jun 2006PDF
FM 4-20.103MCRP 4-11.3CTO 13C7-1-11Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging ContainersSS FM 10-500-302 Sep 2005PDF
FM 4-20.105TO 13C7-1-51Dual Row Airdrop Systems1 Apr 2002PDF
FM 4-20.105-1TO 13C7-1-51, Vol 1Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Dual Row Airdrop Systems, Volume ISS FM 4-20.10529 Aug 2006PDF
FM 4-20.105-2TO 13C7-1-51, Vol 2Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Dual Row Airdrop Systems, Volume IISS FM 4-20.10529 Aug 2006PDF
FM 4-20.107TO 13C7-1-10Airdrop Derigging And Recovery ProceduresSS FM 10-500-707 Oct 2004PDF
FM 4-20.108TO 13C7-2-491Rigging Military Utility Vehicle (M-Gator)SS FM 10-50829 Jun 2001PDF
FM 4-20.108TO 13C7-2-491Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Military Utility VehiclesSS FM 4-20.108, 29 Jun 01, FM 10-500-7710 Sep 2007PDF
FM 4-20.112TO 13C7-1-8Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Typical Supply LoadsSS FM 10-51220 Feb 2009PDF
FM 4-20.113TO 13C7-3-51Rigging 3/4-Ton Cargo TrailersSS FM 10-5138 Jul 2003PDF
FM 4-20.113TO 13C7-3-51Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging TrailersSS FM 4-20.113, 20 Jul 03; FM 10-532, FM 10-540, FM 10-555, FM 10-569, FM 10-59127 Mar 2009PDF
FM 4-20.116TO 13C7-1-13Reference Data For Airdrop Platform LoadsSS FM 10-51620 Aug 2001PDF
FM 4-20.116TO 13C7-1-13Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Reference Data For Airdrop Platform LoadsSS FM 4-20.116, 20 Aug 0110 May 2006PDF
FM 4-20.117MCRP 4-11.3MTO 13C7-1-111Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled VehiclesChange 1, 22 Jul 0501 Oct 2001PDF
FM 4-20.119TO 13C7-10-31Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging 105-Millimeter HowitzersSS FM 10-51910 May 2006PDF
FM 4-20.127TO 13C7-10-191Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging M198, 155-MM HowitzerSS FM 10-52729 Jun 2004PDF
FM 4-20.137TO 13C7-1-19Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Forward Area Refueling Equipment (FARE) And Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System (AAFARS)SS FM 10-53710 Jun 2003PDF
FM 4-20.142MCRP 4-11.3PNAVSEA SS400-AD-MMO-010TO 13C7-51-21Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Loads For Special OperationsSS FM 10-54210 Sep 2007PDF
FM 4-20.147TO 13C7-37-31Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Humanitarian AirdropChange 1, 4 Jan 2005; SS FM 10-54728 Nov 2003PDF
FM 4-20.152TO 13C7-22-61Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Dragon And Javelin MissilesSS FM 10-55206 Sep 2007PDF
FM 4-20.153MCRP 4-11.3BTO 13C7-18-41Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging AmmunitionSS FM 4-20.153, 1 May 0423 Oct 2006PDF
FM 4-20.158TO 13C7-7-61Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Water Purification UnitsSS FM 10-55811-May-2005PDF
FM 4-20.166TO 13C7-25-71Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging 2- And 4-Litter AmbulancesSS FM 10-500-6630 May 2006PDF
FM 4-20.16713C7-16-171Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Tracked Personnel - Cargo Carriers16 Nov 2006PDF
FM 4-20.197MCRP 4-11.3E, Vol 1NTTP 3-04.11AFMAN 11-223(I), Vol 1COMDTINST M13482.2BMultiservice Helicopter Sling Load: Basic Operations And EquipmentSS FM 10-450-320 Jul 2006PDF
FM 4-20.198MCRP 4-11.3E, Vol 2NTTP 3-04.12AFMAN 11-223(I), Vol 2COMDTINST M13482.3B Multiservice Helicopter Sling Load: Single-Point Load Rigging ProceduresSS FM 10-450-420 Feb 2009PDF
FM 4-20.199MCRP 4-11.3E, Vol 3NTTP 3-04.13AFMAN 11-223(I), Vol 3COMDTINST M13482.4BMultiservice Helicopter Sling Load: Dual-Point Load Rigging ProceduresSS FM 10-450-520 Feb 2009PDF
FM 4-25.11NTRP 4-02.1.1AFMAN 44-163(I)MCRP 3-02GFirst AidChange 1, 15 Jul 04; SS FM 21-1123 Dec 2002PDF
FM 4-25.12Unit Field Sanitation TeamSS FM 21-10-125 Jan 2002PDF
FM 4-30.1Munitions Distribution In The Theater Of OperationsSS FM 9-616 Dec 2003PDF
FM 4-30.13Ammunition Handbook: Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Munitions Handlers1 Mar 2001HTML
FM 4-30.16 MCRP 3-17.2C NTTP 3-02.5 AFTTP(I) 3-2.32EOD: Multiservice Procedures for Explosive Ordnance Disposal in a Joint Environment15 Feb 2001PDF
FM 4-30.16 MCRP 3-17.2C NTTP 3-02.5 AFTTP(I) 3-2.32EOD Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Explosive Ordnance Disposal In A Joint EnvironmentSS FM 4-30.16, 15 Feb 0127 Oct 2005PDF
FM 4-30.31MCRP 4-11.4ARecovery And Battle Damage Assessment And RepairSS FM 9-43-219 Sep 2006PDF
FM 4-90Brigade Support BattalionSS FM 4-90.731 Aug 2010PDF
FM 4-92Contracting Support BrigadeSS FM 100-10-212 Feb 2010PDF
FM 4-93.4Theater Support CommandSS FM 63-415 Apr 2003PDF
FM 4-93.50Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Forward Support Battalion (Digitized)2 May 2002HTML
FM 4-93.51Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Division Support Battalion (Digitized)26 May 2002HTML
FM 4-93.52Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Division Support Command (Digitized)2 May 2002HTML
FM 4-93.53Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Division Aviation Support Battalion (Digitized)2 May 2002HTML
FM 4-94Theater Sustainment CommandSS FM 4-93.412 Feb 2010PDF
FM 5-0The Operations ProcessChange 1, 18 Mar 1126 Mar 2010PDF
FM 5-01.12MCRP 5-1BNTTP 5-02AFTTP(I) 3-2.21JTF LNO Integration: Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Joint Task Force (JTF) Liaison Officer IntegrationSS FM 90-4127 Jan 2003PDF
FM 5-7-30Brigade Engineer and Engineer Company Combat Operations (Airborne, Air Assault, Light)28 Dec 1994HTML
FM 5-10Combat Engineer Platoon3 Oct 1995PDF
FM 5-19Composite Risk ManagementSS FM 100-1421 Aug 2006PDF
FM 5-33Terrain Analysis11 Jul 1990PDF
FM 5-71-2Armored Task-Force Engineer Combat Operations - Change 1 (4 Sep 1997)28 Jun 1996HTML
FM 5-71-3Brigade Engineer Combat Operations (Combat) - Change 1 (13 Nov 1997)3 Oct 1995PDF
FM 5-71-100Division Engineer Combat Operations22 Apr 1993HTML
FM 5-100Engineer Operations27 Feb 1996HTML
FM 5-100-15Corps Engineer Operations6 Jun 1995HTML
FM 5-102Countermobility14 Mar 1985HTML
FM 5-103Survivability10 Jun 1985HTML
FM 5-114Engineer Operations Short Of War13 Jul 1992HTML
FM 5-116Engineer Operations: Echelons Above Corps9 Feb 1999HTML
FM 5-125Rigging Techniques, Procedures,And ApplicationsChange 1, 23 February 200103 Oct 1995PDF
FM 5-134Pile Construction18 Apr 1985PDF
FM 5-170Engineer Reconnaissance5 May 1998HTML
FM 5-212Medium Girder Bridge7 Feb 1989HTML
FM 5-233Construction Surveying04 Jan 1985PDF
FM 5-277Bailey Bridge9 May 1986PDF
FM 5-410Military Soils EngineeringChange 1, 4 Jun 9723 Dec 1992PDF
FM 5-415Fire-Fighting Operations9 Feb 1999PDF
FM 5-422Engineer Prime Power Operations7 May 1993HTML
FM 5-424Theater Of Operations Electrical Systems25 Jun 1997HTML
FM 5-430-00-1 AFJPAM32-8013, Vol IPlanning and Design of Roads, Airfields, and Heliports in The Theater of Operations--Road Design26 Aug 1994HTML
FM 5-430-00-2 AFJPAM 32-8013, Vol IIPlanning and Design of Roads, Airfields, and Heliports in The Theater of Operations--Airfield and Heliport Design29 Sep 1994HTML
FM 5-434Earthmoving Operations15 Jun 2000PDF
FM 5-436Paving and Surfacing Operations28 Apr 2000HTML
FM 5-472Materials TestingChange 2, 1 July 200127 Oct 1999PDF
FM 5-480Port Construction and Repair12 Dec 1990HTML
FM 5-482Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems26 Aug 1994HTML
FM 5-484 NAVFAC P-1065 AFMAN 32-1072Multiservice Procedures For Well-Drilling Operations8 Mar 1994HTML
FM 5-490Engineer Diving Operations31 Mar 1992HTML
FM 5-499HydraulicsChange 1, 12 December 200101 Aug 1997PDF
FM 6-0Mission Command: Command and Control of Army Forces11 Aug 2003HTML
FM 6-01.1Knowledge Management Section29 Aug 2008PDF
FM 6-02.40Visual Information OperationsSS FM 24-4024 Jan 2002HTML
FM 6-02.40Visual Information Operations10 Mar 2009PDF
FM 6-02.43Signal Soldier's Guide17 Mar 2009PDF
FM 6-02.45Signal Support To Theater Operations12 Apr 2004PDF
FM 6-02.53Tactical Radio Operations05 Aug 2009PDF
FM 6-02.70Army Electromagnetic Spectrum OperationsSS FMI 6-02.7020 May 2010PDF
FM 6-02.72 MCRP 3-40.3A NTTP 6-02.2 AFTTP(I) 3-2.18Tactical Radio: Multiservice Communications Procedures for Tactical Radios in a Joint Environment14 Jun 2002PDF
FM 6-02.74MCRP 3-40.3ENTTP 6-02.6AFTTP(I) 3-2.48COMDINST M2000.7HF-ALE: Multi-Service Procedures for High Frequency-Automatic Link Establishment (HF-ALE) Radios1 Sep 2003PDF
FM 6-02.90MCRP 3-40.3GNTTP 6-02.9AFTTP(I) 3-2.53(UHF TACSAT/DAMA) Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Ultra High Frequency Tactical Satellite And Demand Assigned Multiple Access Operations31 Aug 2004PDF
FM 6-2Field Artillery Survey23 Sep 1993HTML
FM 6-16Tables for Artillery Meteorology (Electronic) Ballistic Type 3 and Computer Messages10 May 1979PDF
FM 6-16-2Tables For Artillery Meteorology (Visual) Ballistic Type 3 And Computer Messages And Limited Surface ObservationsChange 1, 27 Jan 8415 Jan 1982HTML
FM 6-16-3Tables For Artillery Meteorology (Electronic And Visual) Type 2 Messages15 Jun 1982HTML
FM 6-20Fire Support in the Airland Battle17 May 1988HTML
FM 6-20-1Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for THE FIELD ARTILLERY CANNON BATTALION29 Nov 1990HTML
FM 6-20-10 /MCRP 3-1.6.14Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for The Targeting Process8 May 1996HTML
FM 6-20-20Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support at Battalion Task Force and Below27 Dec 1991PDF
FM 6-20-30Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Corps and Division Operations18 Oct 1989HTML
FM 6-20-40Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Brigade Operations (Heavy)5 Jan 1990HTML
FM 6-20-50Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Brigade Operations (Light)5 Jan 1990HTML
FM 6-22Army Leadership: Competent, Confident, And AgileSS FM 22-10012 Oct 2006PDF
FM 6-22.5MCRP 6-11CNTTP 1-15MCombat Stress23 Jun 2000PDF
FM 6-22.5Combat And Operational Stress Control Manual For Leaders And SoldiersSS FM 6-22.5, 23 Jun 03; FM 22-5118 Mar 2009PDF
FM 6-24.8 MCWP 3-25C NWP 6-02.5 AFTTP(I) 3-2.27TADIL J: Introduction to Tactical Digital Information Link J and Quick Reference Guide30 Jun 2000PDF
FM 6-30Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Observed Fire16 Jul 1991HTML
FM 6-40 MCWP 3-16.4Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Field Artillery Manual Cannon GunneryChange 1, 1 Oct 9923 Apr 1996HTML
FM 6-40MCWP 3-16.4Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Field Artillery Manual Cannon GunneryChange 1, 1 Oct 9923 Apr 1996PDF
FM 6-50MCWP 3-16.3Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for The Field Artillery Cannon BatterySS FM 6-50, 20 Nov 9023 Dec 1996HTML
FM 6-50MCWP 3-16.3Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for The Field Artillery Cannon BatterySS FM 6-50, 20 Nov 9023 Dec 1996PDF
FM 6-60MCRP 3-16.24Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Operations23 Apr 1996HTML
FM 6-71Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for the Combined Arms Commander29 Sep 1994HTML
FM 6-99US Army Report And Message FormatsSS FM 6-99.2, 30 Apr 0719 Aug 2013PDF
FM 6-99.2US Army Report And Message FormatsChange 1, 30 Sep 0930 Apr 2007PDF
FM 6-121Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Field Artillery Target Acquisition25 Sep 1990HTML
FM 6-300Army Ephemeris 1993-199723 Jul 1992PDF
FM 7-0Training the ForceSS FM 25-10022 Oct 2002HTML
FM 7-0Training for Full Spectrum OperationsSS FM 7-0, 22 Oct 0212 Dec 2008PDF
FM 7-0Training Units And Developing Leaders For Full Spectrum OperationsSS FM 7-0, 12 Dec 0823 Feb 2011PDF
FM 7-1Battle Focused TrainingSS FM 25-10115 Sep 2003HTML
FM 7-7The Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (APC)15 Mar 1985HTML
FM 7-7JMechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (Bradley)7 May 1993HTML
FM 7-8Infantry Rifle Platoon and SquadChange 1, 1 Mar 200122 Apr 1992HTML
FM 7-10The Infantry Rifle CompanyChange 1, 31 Oct 0014 Dec 1990HTML
FM 7-15The Army Universal Task List31 Aug 2003PDF
FM 7-15The Army Universal Task ListChange 7, 20 May 1127 Feb 2009PDF
FM 7-20The Infantry BattalionChange 1, 29 Dec 006 Apr 1992HTML
FM 7-21.13The Soldier's Guide15 Oct 2003HTML
FM 7-21.13The Soldier's GuideSS FM 7-21.13, 15 Oct 0302 Feb 2004PDF
FM 7-22Army Physical Readiness TrainingSS TC 3-22.2026 Oct 2012PDF
FM 7-22.7The Army Noncommissioned Officer GuideSS TC 22-623 Dec 2002HTML
FM 7-30The Infantry BrigadeChange 1, 31 Oct 003 Oct 1995HTML
FM 7-85Ranger Unit Operations9 Jun 1987HTML
FM 7-90Tactical Employment of Mortars9 Oct 1992HTML
FM 7-90MCWP 3-15.2Tactical Employment of Mortars2 Oct 1992PDF
FM 7-91Tactical Employment of Antiarmor Platoons, Companies, and Battalions30 Sep 1987HTML
FM 7-92The Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon and Squad (Airborne, Air Assault, Light Infantry)23 Dec 1992HTML
FM 7-92The Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon and Squad (Airborne, Air Assault, Light Infantry)Change 1, 13 Dec 0123 Dec 1992HTML
FM 7-93Long-Range Surveillance Unit Operations3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 7-98Operations in a Low-Intensity Conflict19 Oct 1992HTML
FM 7-100Opposing Force Doctrinal Framework and Strategy1 May 2003PDF
FM 7-100.1Opposing Force OperationsSS FM 100-6127-Dec-2004PDF
FM 7-100.4Opposing Force Organization Guide03 May 2007PDF
FM 8-9 NAVMED P-5059 AFJMAN 44-151 NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations, AMedP-6(B)1 Feb 1996HTML
FM 8-10-6Medical Evacuation in a Theater of Operations Tactics, Techniques, and ProceduresSS 8-10-6, 31 Oct 9114 Apr 2000PDF
FM 8-10-7 Health Service Support in a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Environment22 Apr 1993HTML
FM 8-42Combat Health Support In Stability Operations And Support Operations27 Oct 1997PDF
FM 8-50Prevention And Medical Management Of Laser Injuries 8 Aug 1990HTML
FM 8-51Combat Stress Control In A Theater Of OperationsChange 1, 30 Jan 199820 Sep 1994PDF
FM 8-55Planning For Health Service Support09 Sep 1994PDF
FM 8-284 NAVMED P-5042 AFMAN (I) 44-156 MCRP 4-11.1CTreatment of Biological Warfare Casualties17 Jul 2000PDF
FM 8-284 NAVMED P-5042 AFMAN (I) 44-156 MCRP 4-11.1C Treatment of Biological Warfare Casualties - Change 1 (8 Jul 2002)8 Jul 2002PDF
FM 8-285 NAVMED P-5041 AFJMAN 44-149 FMFM 11-11Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties and Conventional Military Chemical Injuries22 Dec 1995PDF
FM 9-6Munitions Support in the Theater of Operations20 Mar 1998HTML
FM 9-15Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service And Unit Operations8 May 1996HTML
FM 9-207TO 36-1-40Operations And Maintenance Of Ordnance Materiel In Cold Weather20 Mar 1998HTML
FM 10-1Quartermaster PrinciplesSS FM 10-1, 24 Sep 9111 Aug 1994PDF
FM 10-15Basic Doctrine Manual For Supply And StorageChange 1, 30 Sep 9312 Dec 1990PDF
FM 10-23-2Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Garrison Food Preparation And Class I Operations Management30 Sep 1993PDF
FM 10-27General Supply In Theaters Of Operations20 Apr 1993PDF
FM 10-27-4Organizational Supply And Services For Unit Leaders14 Apr 2000PDF
FM 10-52Water Supply In Theaters Of Operations11 Jul 1990HTML
FM 10-52-1Water Supply Point Equipment And Operations18 Jun 1991HTML
FM 10-67Petroleum Supply in Theaters of Operations18 Feb 1983HTML
FM 10-67-1Concepts And Equipment Of Petroleum Operations02 Apr 1998HTML
FM 10-67-2Petroleum Laboratory Testing Operations02 Apr 1997PDF
FM 10-115Quartermaster Water Units15 Feb 1989HTML
FM 10-416Petroleum Pipeline And Terminal Operating Units12 May 1998HTML
FM 10-426Petroleum Supply Units12 Jul 1997HTML
FM 10-450-4MCRP 4-23E, Vol 2NWP 3-04.12AFJMAN 11-223, Vol 2COMDINST M13482.3AMultiservice Helicopter Sling Load: Single-Point Rigging ProceduresChange 3, 3 Sep 200330 May 1998PDF
FM 10-500-1Airdrop Support Operations in a Theater of Operations19 Jun 1991HTML
FM 10-500-23TO 13C7-14-461Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Communication Control Vehicles31 Aug 1999PDF
FM 10-500-29TO 13C7-10-171Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Heavy Antitank Assault Weapon System (TOW)14 Apr 2000PDF
FM 10-500-45TO 13C7-10-201Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging 120-Millimeter Mortars03 Oct 1995PDF
FM 10-500-71TO 13C7-6-141Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging The Family Of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV)Change 2, 9 Dec 200301 Dec 1999PDF
FM 10-522TO 13C7-2-1001Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Potable WaterChange 1, 30 Sep 199303 Jun 1985PDF
FM 10-524TO 13C7-14-471Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Communications Shelters And Power UnitChange 2, 31 Oct 199011 Feb 1981PDF
FM 10-5226TO 13C7-2-481Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging 5-Ton TrucksChange 3, 3 Oct 199502 May 1985PDF
FM 10-528TO 13C7-26-71Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Road RollersChange 7, 5 May 200025 Nov 1977PDF
FM 10-530TO 13C7-27-121Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Earthmoving Scrapers09 Aug 1985PDF
FM 10-535TO 13C7-40-11Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging 5-Kilowatt Generator Set With Portable Floodlight Set14 Nov 1985PDF
FM 10-541TO 13C7-11-21Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Military BridgesChange 1, 13 Jul 199205 Mar 1984PDF
FM 10-548TO 13C7-24-21Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Airborne Crane-Shovel And AttachmentsChange 1, 12 Dec 199003 May 1984PDF
FM 10-550TO 13C7-22-71Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Stinger Weapon Systems And MissilesChange 5, 10 Mar 200329 May 1984PDF
FM 10-562TO 13C7-34-1Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Whole Blood23 May 1989PDF
FM 10-564TO 13C7-37-1Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Fuel DrumsChange 6, 30 Jan 199816-Apr-1979PDF
FM 10-57313C7-27-141Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging 130G Motor GraderChange 1, 14 Jun 199027 Sep 1988PDF
FM 10-574TO 13C7-31-31Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging 950B Scoop-LoaderChange 4, 27 Oct 199702 May 1985PDF
FM 10-576TO 13C7-27-151Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging The 613S ScrapersChange 1, 12 Dec 199121-Aug-1987PDF
FM 10-579TO 13C7-50-1Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Landing Field MatChange 2, 20 Mar 199819 Apr 1985PDF
FM 10-586TO 13C7-22-11Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging M-22 Helicopter Armament Subsystem Guided Missile Launcher And Missiles26 Apr 1984PDF
FM 10-602Headquarters And Headquarters Units, Petroleum And Water Distribution Organization12 Sep 1996HTML
FM 11-1 MCRP 6-2.2.2 NDC TACMEMO 3-13.1 ACCPAM 33-154 USAFEPAM 33-154 PACAFPAM 33-154TALK II - SINCGARS Multiservice Communications Procedures for the Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System29 May 2996HTML
FM 11-24Signal Tactical Satellite Company13 Sep 1985HTML
FM 11-32Combat Net Radio Operations15 Oct 1990HTML
FM 11-41Signal Support: Echelons Corps And Below (ECB)18 Dec 1991HTML
FM 11-43The Signal Leader's GuideJune 1995HTML
FM 11-43The Signal Leader's GuideDraft1999DOC
FM 11-44Air Defense Artillery Signal Operations Battalion and Signal Operations Company27 Sep 1988HTML
FM 11-45Signal Support to Theater Operations30 Jun 1999HTML
FM 11-45Signal Support to Theater OperationsCoordinating DraftSep 1998PDF
FM 11-50Combat Communications Within The Division (Heavy And Light)4 Apr 1991HTML
FM 11-55Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) Operations22 Jun 1999HTML
FM 12-6Personnel Doctrine9 Sep 1994HTML
FM 17-12-7Tank Gunnery Training Devices And Usage Strategies1 May 2000HTML
FM 17-12-8Light Cavalry Gunnery16 Feb 1999HTML
FM 17-15Tank PlatoonSS FM 17-15, 7 Oct 873 Apr 1996HTML
FM 17-15MCWP 3-11.2Tank PlatoonUndatedPDF
FM 17-18Light Armor Operations8 Mar 1994HTML
FM 17-95Cavalry Operations24 Dec 1996HTML
FM 17-97 Cavalry Troop3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 17-98Scout Platoon10 Apr 1999HTML
FM 19-4Military Police Battlefield Circulation Control, Area Security, and Enemy Prisoner of War Operations7 May 1993HTML
FM 19-10Military Police Law and Order Operations30 Sep 1987HTML
FM 19-15Civil Disturbances25 Nov 1985HTML
FM 19-25Military Police Traffic Operations30 Sep 1977HTML
FM 20-3Camouflage, Concealment, And Decoys30 Aug 1999HTML
FM 20-11Military DivingChange 1, 14 Apr 0020 Jan 1999PDF
FM 21-18Foot Marches01 Jun 1990PDF
FM 20-32Mine/Countermine OperationsChange 2, 22 Aug 0129 May 1998HTML
FM 20-32Mine/Countermine OperationsChange 3, 1 Oct 021 Oct 2002PDF
FM 21-10MCRP 4-11.1DField Hygiene And SanitationSS FM 21-10, 22 Nov 8821 Jun 2000PDF
FM 21-16FMFM 13-8-1Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Procedures30 Aug 1994HTML
FM 21-31Topographic SymbolsChange 1, 31 Dec 6819 Jun 1961HTML
FM 21-60Visual Signals30 Sep 1987PDF
FM 21-75Combat Skills of The Soldier3 Aug 1984HTML
FM 21-76-1 MCRP 3-02H NWP 3-50.3 AFTTP(I) 3-2.26Survival, Evasion, and Recovery: Multiservice Procedures for Survival, Evasion, and Recovery29 Jun 1999HTML
FM 22-6Guard DutyChange 1, 15 Jan 7517 Sep 1971PDF
FM 22-51Leaders' Manual for Combat Stress Control29 Sep 1994HTML
FM 23-10Sniper Training17 Aug 1994HTML
FM 23-1190mm Recoilless Rifle, M676 Jul 1965HTML
FM 23-14M249 Light Machine Gun in The Automatic Rifle Role26 Jan 1994HTML
FM 23-23Antipersonnel Mine M18a1 And M18 (Claymore)Change 2, 30 Mar 736 Jan 1966HTML
FM 23-24Dragon Medium Antitank/Assault Weapon System M473 Apr 1990HTML
FM 23-25Light Antiarmor Weapons17 Aug 1994HTML
FM 23-27MK 19, 40-mm Grenade Machine Gun, MOD 327 Dec 1988HTML
FM 23-3140-mm Grenade Launcher, M20320 Sep 1994HTML
FM 23-34TOW Weapon Systems17 Aug 1994HTML
FM 23-65Browning Machine Gun Caliber .50 HB, M219 Jun 1991HTML
FM 23-90Mortars1 Mar 2000HTML
FM 23-91Mortar Gunnery1 Mar 2000HTML
FM 24-2Spectrum Management21 Aug 1991HTML
FM 24-7Tactical Local Area Network (LAN) Management8 Oct 1999HTML
FM 24-11Tactical Satellite Communications20 Sep 1990HTML
FM 24-12Communications in a "Come-As-You-Are" War17 Jul 1990HTML
FM 24-17Tactical Record Traffic System (TRTS)17 Sep 1991PDF
FM 24-18Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques30 Sep 1987HTML
FM 24-19Radio Operator's Handbook24 May 1991HTML
FM 24-22Communications-Electronics Management System30 Jun 1977HTML
FM 24-24Signal Data References: Signal Equipment (Section V. Multichannel Satellite Communications Terminals)SS TC 24-2429 Dec 1994HTML
FM 24-27Tactical Automatic Circuit Switching AN/TTC-3927 Feb 1987HTML
FM 24-33Communications Techniques: Electronic Counter-Countermeasures17 Jul 1990HTML
FM 24-40Tactical Visual Information Doctrine12 Dec 1991HTML
FM 25-4How To Conduct Training Exercises10 Sep 1984HTML
FM 25-5Training For Mobilization And War25 Jan 1985HTML
FM 25-100Training the Force15 Nov 1988HTML
FM 25-101Battle Focused Training30 Sep 1990HTML
FM 27-1Legal Guide For Commanders13 Jan 1992HTML
FM 27-10The Law Of Land Warfare18 Jul 1956HTML
FM 27-14Legal Guide For Soldiers16 Apr 1991HTML
FM 27-100Legal Support To Operations1 Mar 2000HTML
FM 31-70Basic Cold Weather Manual12 Apr 1968HTML
FM 31-71Northern Operations21 Jun 1971HTML
FM 33-1Psychological OperationsPARTIALAug 1979HTML
FM 34-1Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations27 Sep 1994HTML
FM 34-1-1Intelligence Electronic Warfare SystemsDraft OutlinePDF
FM 34-2Collection Management And Synchronization Planning8 Mar 1994HTML
FM 34-2-1Tactics, Techniques And Procedures For Reconnaissance And Surveillance And Intelligence Support To Counterreconnaissance19 Jun 1991HTML
FM 34-3Intelligence Analysis15 Mar 1990PDF
FM 34-7Intelligence And Electronic Warfare Support To Low-Intensity Conflict Operations18 May 1993PDF
FM 34-8Combat Commander's Handbook On Intelligence28 Sep 1992HTML
FM 34-8-2Intellligence Officer's Handbook1 May 1998PDF
FM 34-10-6Joint Contingency Force Intelligence OperationsWriter’s Draft v1.04 Feb 2000DOC
FM 34-25-1Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS)3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 34-25-2Unmanned Aerial VehiclesTest DraftJun 1995PDF
FM 34-25-3All-Source Analysis System And The Analysis And Control Element3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 34-35Armored Cavalry Regiment and Separate Brigade Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations12 Dec 1990HTML
FM 34-36Special Operations Forces Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations30 Sep 1991HTML
FM 34-37Echelons Above Corps (EAC) Intelligence And Electronic Warfare (IEW) Operations15 Jan 1991HTML
FM 34-37Strategic, Departmental, and Operational IEW OperationsPreliminary DraftJul 1997HTML
FM 34-40-2Basic Cryptanalysis13 Sep 1990HTML
FM 34-40-7Communications Jamming Handbook23 Nov 92PDF
FM 34-43 MRCP 2-2.1 NDC TACMEMO 3-55.2 ACCPAM 10-756 PACAFPAM 10-756 USAFEPAM 10-756 RECCE-J: Multiservice Procedures for Requesting Reconnaissance Information in a Joint Environment7 Jun 1996HTML
FM 34-45Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Electronic Attack9 Jun 2000HTML
FM 34-52Intelligence Interrogation8 May 1987HTML
FM 34-52Intelligence Interrogation28 Sep 1992PDF
FM 34-54Battlefield Technical Intelligence5 Apr 1990HTML
FM 34-54Technical Intelligence30 Jan 1998PDF
FM 34-60Counterintelligence 3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 34-80Brigade And Battalion Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations15 Apr 1986HTML
FM 34-81Weather Support for Army Operations31 Aug 1989HTML
FM 34-81-1Battlefield Weather Effects23 Dec 1992HTML
FM 34-130Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield8 Jul 1994HTML
FM 34-130Intelligence Preparation of the BattlefieldInitial DraftDec 1999DOC
FM 40-1Joint Tactical Ground Station Operations9 Sep 1999HTML
FM 41-10Civil Affairs Operations11 Jan 1993PDF
FM 41-10Civil Affairs Operations14 Feb 2000HTML
FM 42-414Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Quartermaster Field Service Company, Direct SupportSS FM 10-28003 Jul 1998PDF
FM 42-424Quartermaster Force Provider Company6 Aug 1999HTML
FM 44-8Combined Arms for Air Defense1 Jun 1999HTML
FM 44-18Air Defense Artillery Employment Stinger30 Sep 1981HTML
FM 44-18-1Stinger Team Operations31 Dec 1984HTML
FM 44-43Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle Platoon and Squad Operations3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 44-44Avenger Platoon, Section, and Squad Operations3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 44-48Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures For The Sensor Platoon21 Sep 1993HTML
FM 44-80Visual Aircraft Recognition30 Sep 1996PDF
FM 44-85Patriot Battalion and Battery Operations21 Feb 1997HTML
FM 44-94Army Air and Missile Defense Command Operations31 Mar 2000HTML
FM 44-100US Army Air and Missile Defense Operations15 Jun 2000HTML
FM 46-1Public Affairs Operations30 May 1997PDF
FM 54-30Corps Support Groups17 Jun 1993HTML
FM 54-40Area Support Group3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 55-1Transportation Operations3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 55-9Unit Air Movement PlanningChange 1, 14 Oct 945 Apr 1993HTML
FM 55-10Movement Control9 Feb 1999HTML
FM 55-15Transportation Reference DataSS FM 55-15, 9 Jun 8627 Oct 1997PDF
FM 55-17Cargo Specialists' Handbook16 Feb 1999HTML
FM 55-20Rail Transport in a Theater of Operations1 Jun 2000HTML
FM 55-30Army Motor Transport Units And OperationsChange 1, 15 Sep 9927 Jun 1997HTML
FM 55-50Army Water Transport OperationsChange 1, 22 Mar 9530 Sep 1993HTML
FM 55-60Army Terminal Operations15 Apr 1996HTML
FM 55-65Strategic Deployment3 Oct 1995HTML
FM 55-80Army Container Operations13 Aug 1997HTML
FM 55-450-2Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations5 Jun 1992HTML
FM 55-501Marine Crewman's Handbook1 Dec 1999HTML
FM 57-38Pathfinder Operations9 Apr 1993HTML
FM 63-1Support Battalions and Squadrons, Separate Brigades and Armored Cavalry Regiment30 Sep 1993HTML
FM 63-2Division Support Command, Armored, Infantry, and Mechanized Infantry Divisions20 May 1991HTML
FM 63-2-1Division Support Command Light Infantry, Airborne, and Air Assault DivisionsChange 1, 20 Sep 9416 Nov 1992HTML
FM 63-3Corps Support Command30 Sep 1993HTML
FM 63-4Combat Service Support - Theater Army Area Command24 Sep 1984HTML
FM 63-20Forward Support Battalion26 Feb 1990HTML
FM 63-21Main Support Battalion7 Aug 1990HTML
FM 63-23Aviation Support Battalion6 Jun 1996HTML
FM 71-1Tank and Mechanized Infantry Company Team26 Jan 1998HTML
FM 71-2The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task ForceChange 1, 17 Aug 9427 Sep 1988HTML
FM 71-3The Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade08 Jan 1996HTML
FM 71-100Division Operations28 Aug 1996HTML
FM 71-100-2Infantry Division Operations: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures31 Aug 1993HTML
FM 71-100-3Air Assault Division Operations29 Oct 1996HTML
FM 71-123Tactics and Techniques for Combined Arms Heavy Forces: Armored Brigade, Battalion Task Force, and Company Team30 Sep 1992HTML
FM 90-2Battlefield Deception3 Oct 1988HTML
FM 90-3FMFM 7-27Desert Operations24 Aug 1993HTML
FM 90-4Air Assault Operations16 Mar 1987HTML
FM 90-5Jungle Operations16 Aug 1982HTML
FM 90-7Combined Arms Obstacle Integration29 Sep 1994HTML
FM 90-7Combined Arms Obstacle IntegrationChange 1, 10 Apr 200329 Sep 1994PDF
FM 90-8Counterguerrilla Operations29 Aug 1986HTML
FM 90-10Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT)15 Aug 1979HTML
FM 90-10-1An Infantryman's Guide to Combat in Built-Up Areas12 May 1993PDF
FM 90-13 MCWP 3-17.1River-Crossing Operations26 Jan 1998HTML
FM 90-20 MCRP 3-16.8B NWP 3-09.2 AFTTP(I) 3-2.6J-FIRE: Multiservice Procedures for the Joint Application of Firepower6 Nov 1997PDF
FM 90-21 MCRP 3-23A NWP 3-01.03 AFTTP(I) 3-2.10JAAT: Multiservice Procedures for Joint Air Attack Team Operations3 Jun 1998PDF
FM 90-24 MACP 55-13 TACP 55-19 USAFEP 50-14 PACAFP 50-19 C3CM Multi-Service Procedures for Command, Control, and Communications Countermeasures 17 May 1991HTML
FM 90-26Airborne Operations18 Dec 1990HTML
FM 90-29Noncombatant Evacuation Operations17 Oct 1994HTML
FM 90-31MCRP 3-3.8AMCI Army and Marine Corps Integration in Joint Operations29 May 1996HTML
FM 90-36 MCRP 3-16.1F NWP 2-01.11 AFJPAM 10-225Targeting: The Joint Targeting Process and Procedures For Targeting Time-Critical Targets25 Jul 1997PDF
FM 90-38 MCRP 3-25B NWP 6-02.1 AFJPAM 10-228Brevity Codes: Multi-Service Air-Air, Air-Surface, Surface-Air Brevity Codes25 Apr 1997PDF
FM 90-40 MCRP 3-15.8 NWP 3-07.31 USCG PUB 3-07.31Multiservice Procedures for The Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons6 Oct 1998PDF
FM 90-43 MCRP 3-42.1A NWP 3-01.13 AFTTP(I)3-2.24JTMTD: Multiservice Procedures for Joint Theater Missile Target Development15 Oct 1999PDF
FM 100-6Information Operations27 Aug 1996HTML
FM 100-7DECISIVE FORCE: The Army In Theater Operations31 May 1995HTML
FM 100-8The Army In Multinational Operations24 Nov 1997HTML
FM 100-9Reconstitution13 Jan 1992HTML
FM 100-10Combat Service Support3 Oct 1995PDF
FM 100-10-1Theater Distribution1 Oct 1999HTML
FM 100-10-2Contracting Support On The Battlefield4 Aug 1999HTML
FM 100-11Force Integration15 Jan 1998PDF
FM 100-12Army Theater Missile Defense Operations31 Mar 2000HTML
FM 100-13Battlefield Coordination Detachment (BCD)5 Sep 1996HTML
FM 100-13-1Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) for the Battlefield Coordination Detachment (BCD)20 Mar 1998PDF
FM 100-14Risk Management23 Apr 1998PDF
FM 100-15Corps Operations29 Oct 1996HTML
FM 100-16Army Operational Support31 May 1995PDF
FM 100-17Mobilization, Deployment, Redeployment, Demobilization28 Oct 1998PDF
FM 100-17-1Army Pre-Positioned Afloat Operations27 Jul 1996HTML
FM 100-17-2Army Pre-Positioned Land16 Feb 1999HTML
FM 100-17-3Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration17 Mar 1999HTML
FM 100-17-5Redeployment29 Sep 1999HTML
FM 100-18Space Support to Army Operations20 Jul 1995HTML
FM 100-19 FMFM 7-10Domestic Support Operations 1 Jul 1993HTML
FM 100-20 AFP 3-20Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict5 Dec 1990HTML
FM 100-23Peace Operations30 Dec 1994HTML
FM 100-23-1 FMFRP 7-16 NDC TACNOTE 3-07.6 ACCP 50-56 USAFEP 50-56 PACAFP 50-56Multiservice Procedures for Humanitarian Assistance Operations31 Oct 1994PDF
FM 100-38 MCRP 4-5.1 NWP TP 3-02.4.1 ACCPAM 10-752 PACAFPAM 10-752 USAFEPAM 10-752UXO Multiservice Procedures for Operations in an Unexploded Ordnance Environment10 Jul 1996HTML
FM 100-60Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force: Organization Guide16 Jul 1997PDF
FM 100-61Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force Operational Art26 Jan 1998HTML
FM 100-62Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force: Tactics?
FM 100-63Infantry-Based Opposing Force: Organization Guide18 Apr 1996HTML
FM 100-64Infantry-Based Opposing Force: Operations and Tactics
FM 100-65Capabilities-Based Opposing Force: Worldwide Equipment Guide?
FM 100-66Opposing Forces in Stability and Support Operations?
FM 100-103Army Airspace Command and Control in a Combat Zone7 Oct 1987HTML
FM 100-103-2 MCWP 3-25.2 NWP 3-56.2 AFTTP(I) 3-2.17TAGS Multiservice Procedures for the Theater Air-Ground System29 Jul 1998PDF
FM 100-104MCRP 3-25ANWP 3-56.3AFTTP(I) 3-2.23Multiservice Procedures for Joint Air Traffic Control25 Jan 1999PDF
FM 101-4 MCRP 6-23A NWP 3-13.1.16 AFTTP(I) 3-2.22 JTF-IM Multi-Service Procedures for Joint Task Force-Information Management8 Apr 1999PDF
FM 101-5Staff Organization and Operations31 May 1997PDF
FM 101-5-1 MCRP 5-2AOperational Terms and Graphics30 Sep 1997HTML
FM 101-10-1/2Staff Officers' Field Manual Organizational, Technical, and Logistical Data Planning Factors (Volume 2)17 Jul 1990PDF