Rich People Problems

Stuff! I feel like I can never get rid of all the stuff I have. Well the truth is that stuff has value and isn’t completely useless. That is true for many people. We are afraid to throw our stuff out or just part with it, because it actually can still be used by someone… just not us. I find it so very funny that we have websites about minimalism. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly read a lot of those sites. I’m right there with the other readers and bloggers. But let’s be honest, minimalism is a 1st world problem. A “rich” people problem. You won’t hear folks in 3rd world countries talking about how they have too much stuff. Or too many cars or too many articles of clothing. Yet here in America we have TV shows that are dedicated to the opposite of 3rd world reality. Heck we even have shows where food is the talent and the prize. Change the channel and you’ll find a PSA about hunger in some other country.

Cookware I never use, books I never read and never will, random stuff held up with magnets on bulletin boards, extra computer parts, chairs I never sit in, a junk drawer full of, well, junk, files I should have digitized already, frames with no pictures in them – the list goes on and on. – See more at:
The quote above really spoke to me. I have chairs I never sit in, and spare computer parts, and random stuff held up with magnets and books I’ll never read. I don’t need any more stuff. How do we stop the stuff? Why do we need to the stuff? Comfort, status (if only proven to ourselves), lies? Think of the advertisements that we see everyday. They tell you how your life is lacking. You need their product. And then you’ll need the accessories, aka stuff, that comes with their product too. I have parts for projects that I intended to complete last year or was it the year before? As I write this I am looking at a bookshelf full of books that I know I’ll never read. They are probably really good books. But I’ll never read them, so they should go. But I keep them, for their potential in my life. Not a valid reason, but I’m sure I am not alone in this. This very article is a “rich people problem”.