Off-Grid Lamp

Off-Grid lamp

This unique handmade all pine wood off-grid wall lamp is designed to hold a votive candle holder burning any plant based oil you wish. You will enjoy the soft glow of lamp light radiating from this rustic wall lamp. It is sure to give your home a warm pioneer feel. We use our sconce with sunflower oil lamps (as seen in the pictures). When using oil, light illuminates above as well as below; great for the hall or stairway.





These lamps are great for…

  • Emergency lighting during power outages. They are decorative and already in place when you need them.
  • General soft lighting for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Romantic lighting for the bedroom.
  • Hall and stairway lighting.Take your home off-grid at will with these custom, handmade lamp today!!Votive candle holder not included.