Safe Digital Education

I am deeply concerned for parents who are not educated in the realm of the digital age. These parents are often lead by their children and introduced to new technologies through them. As parents we want to trust our children but that doesn’t mean that we should trust their discernment. As a Christian father I […]

The New Internet

Today we use the internet for everything. For that convenience we give up our identities and other information about our activities. Of course you aren’t doing anything wrong, so why should you care? Because “wrong” is determined by someone other than you and a small group at that, not a consensus. So what is “OK” […]

How Linux is Just Better

I have been dabbling in Linux for about two or three years. And while I am a “computer” guy by profession, I have learned that Linux is generally just better. So why haven’t more people adopted it? It isn’t advertised. And without advertising we are usually scared to try new or different things. Unless we see it […]

Is Your Network Secured?

Too often I see friends and family with unsecured home wireless networks. Most often they are unaware that the wireless router is locked down by default because the box said it was secure. Or I hear the line, “No one wants my files. I don’t have any thing important.” While that may be true, the […]

“Hey, I have an Idea. Let’s Kill the Internet!”

And yet another… reason why old school technology may be the way to go. Here’s the deal, when blocks are put in place, people will try to get around them, and they will. The politicians who are making these bills don’t use the internet like the rest of the world. I think corporations need to […]