Our Homestead: Pt.2 Gardening Year Two

This year we are experimenting with square foot gardening. Last year’s garden was a success and this year we wanted a higher yield. Our hope is to maximize our small lot (5500 sq ft) with this method and also grow a larger variety of food. We dismantled one of the raised beds that we built […]

An Open Letter to Home Schooling Dads

Men we have work to do on ourselves. When we became a home educating family I had expectations. I envisioned well adjusted children and a clean hone and warm meals. I saw the plethora of text books my wife was buying and thought we were just going to be awesome. Off to work I went. […]

Experiencing Life without Television

For a long time there has been this desire in my heart to live life without a television in our home. We have experimented with living by candle light and growing our own food and hanging clothes to dry. My most recent experiment has been with two sleeps. All of these endeavors have been a […]

Our New Pencil Sharpener

When I was a kid every classroom had a hand cranked pencil sharpener. We were not even allowed to use pens. Even the house I grew up in had one. We used pencils for everything. I recently discovered that these tools still exist and are actively manufactured. I had to have one. For the low […]

Dancing Vapour

This morning I had the opportunity to hang laundry on the line in the cool October air. With my back to the sun I watched the vapor of my breath dance in the sunlight. Everything about this moment was peaceful, wonderful and calm. In this moment I remember that I wanted this to be a […]

Our Homestead: Pt.1 A New Beginning

This summer we made a go of starting a few raised garden beds on our property and we loved it. The excitement of watching your seedlings grow into food producing plants is amazingly inspiring. Each day we watered our plants and watched them grow and blossom. Then the bees came and began their work of […]

Getting Up in the AM

Each day I get out of bed in almost the same way, dragging my butt. The ritual is the same most days. I get up, iron my clothes, shower, get dresssed, pack my backpack and head out the door. Some days I make coffee, other days I buy coffee. The problem is that I go […]

Still No Heat

It’s November 1st and I’ve yet to turn on the heat in our home. Each year we try to combat the price of home heating in the Northeast with common sense. Hot drinks, blankets, and warm clothing are some of the ways we keep warm in the house while it is cold outside. There are […]

Taking Back My Simple Life

For years I’ve been chasing a tiny house dream. My wife has endured my many phases and stages of pseudo experiments and excitement as I learn more and more about living in a smaller space. I read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of videos about living smaller, living with less stuff and […]

The One Cup Challenge

So many dishes in the house and we can’t keep up. Yes we have a dishwasher, by why do we have so many dishes? Well I’m moving to one cup. A few days ago I decided that if I could use only cup, I could reduce the dishes we have to wash. The exception to […]