Military Field Manuals – Survival FM3-05-70

Field manuals, get your field manuals here! Ah yes military field manuals can be a good read (or slightly boring). They are always informative though. This week’s Manual of the Week is Survival_fm3-05-70. This manual replaces FM 21-76. FM3-05-70 features techniques on making shelters, traps, water procurement, hunting and more. Great stuff. Check it out!

WROL Not So Romantic

Preppers talk all day about how much fire power they are going bring to the end-of-the-world fight. Yet many of us do not actually have any real training. Prepping has become a sexy hobby from some. The reality is that without training with your equipment, you will most likely fail in the situations that you […]

It Ain’t Camping If…

It’s that that time of year again. The time of year when I go on the annual camping trip with the men from church. This year we were fortunate to get a site that had two cabins. I still brought my tent and refused to sleep in the cabins. See, I really look forward to camping as […]

Goal Setting for Survivalist

Found this post today over at TEOTWAWKI, and I had to repost, couldn’t resist. Good solid advice. Now off to my goal list for 2012.

What is Prepping Anyway?

Prepping – The act of preparing for an upcoming event, scenario or period of time. In the past ten years our mainstream culture has witnessed rising energy prices (gasoline, oil, electricity), food prices and general cost of living at a quickening pace. Medications and healthcare are costing us more as well. The unemployment rates are […]

All the Cool Kids Brown Bag It

For many people the ritual of working every day includes purchasing coffee and/or breakfast from the local coffee chain. Lunch may come from the company cafeteria or perhaps a local eatery. It’s about preference, convenience, and culture. But what happens when that is disrupted? What if the coffee shop closes or the eatery goes out […]