Experiencing Life without Television Pt.2

Almost six months have past since we moved our 40′ television out of the living room and into the school room. You can read all about that in part 1.The first two or three months were rough. While I was excited, my wife was smiling through the pain. All day homeschooling and traveling with young […]

Experiencing Life without Television

For a long time there has been this desire in my heart to live life without a television in our home. We have experimented with living by candle light and growing our own food and hanging clothes to dry. My most recent experiment has been with two sleeps. All of these endeavors have been a […]

Cutting the Cord Again

About 5 years ago we cut the cord to our cable provider. We switched to a new provider for internet access and never looked back. We had the internet and Netflix, Hulu, and later Amazon Prime. But tonight I cancelled Netflix and Hulu.