Wall Sconce Lighting


This week, taking advantage of some much needed time away from the office I decided to take a trip to the consignment shop where I found two wooden candle wall sconce for just under $8. But why candle sconce? Because I think they are cool and after experimenting with candle and oil lamp light last winter I believe them to be an investment.

I installed two sconce in different parts of the house. Both at about 5′ from the floor to test out with some homemade beeswax candles we had from last winter. While they are certainly high effort, not as bright as commercial light bulbs and sometimes not “cost effective” on paper they provide us with a sense of connectedness to our environment. When you live by candle light you become very aware of the value of the sunlight. You find yourself living within the resources that God has provided.

The other advantage of using wall sconce is an always on preparedness. Should we lose power the sconce are ready to go. Better yet we may not truly notice the lack of power if we are not using electric light often. Of course that leads us to many other devices that would need to be replaced or removed and frankly as a family we are just not there yet. With each older technology we adopt we find our family adjusting and learning to live within our means. We are slowly discovering the many layers of lies that the advertising world has lead us to believe. What an amazing journey we are on.